The Dermalize Pro – Protective film for tattoos on a roll is a professional healing product that will guarantee maximum protection and comfort for your fresh tattoo. The film is filled with a special healing emulsion and non-toxic glue that holds the film securely on the site of the tattoo. The film can easily be cut to the size of the tattoo.

The great advantage of Dermalize Pro is that it’s water-resistant, so the client doesn’t need to take extra care when washing and showering. The film also breathes with the skin and so the tattoo doesn’t steam up and get wet. The tattoo heals within 5 days.

This pack contains 5 patches, 15cm x 10cm in size, and is suitable especially for clients who, after removing the first layer of Dermalize Pro from the tattoo salon, apply a new Dermalize Pro patch for a period of 2 to 4 days.

Tips: For easier removal of the film, it is recommended to take it off in the shower under running warm water, which dissolves the glue. The maximum healing effect is achieved if the tattoo is thoroughly washed and dried. Always stick the foil at least 1cm beyond the edge of the tattoo, as the glue has the strongest effect on clean skin. After healing a tattoo with Dermalize Pro, we recommend that you then nourish it for another 3 to 5 days with some of the healing creams from our range.